Let's Grow Together

Motivation works when you take action

Learning from Failures = Moving Towards Success

Why I made this website?

Purpose of this website is to share my learning from failures.

bhaveshg.com is website where I will keep sharing life lessons I have learned during my tough times. I am not going to share my story. I will use this platform to encourage and empower those who are facing tough time.

Let's start now

Ending is
The Beginning

End is not the reality but change is. Things don't end, things change. If you are facing tough time, it will end. Means, your tough time will change. But, it will not change automatically. You will have to change yourself. you will have to be committed and take action in right direction.

Remember, only you can change your tough time. If you are ready and committed then let's start.

My Framework of Success

Things may not happen the way you expect. You will have to learn to from the failures and achievements. You must keep moving. Today you are unsuccessful but tomorrow you can be successful.

  • Believe in Karma and God
  • Kill the fear of Failure
  • Stop making excuses from now
  • Focus on results not just actions
  • Learn things you need to achieve your goals
  • Learn from failures & stop making mistakes